Ear Taping


Do your puppy's ears look like this?

Here is a simple and extremely effective way to use duct tape to ensure proper ear carriage.

Step one, clean the ear with alcohol, and let it dry thoroughly. Next, fold the ear up like this.

Then press and wrap the duct tape around the lower portion of the ear. Make sure you do not constrict the ear, and don't worry about the edges sticking out. More tape adds weight. A heavier ear will pull the crease into the right place, and will fix ears that are creasing and flying.

Next, using good scissors, CAREFULLY trim the edges and the corners of the tape to follow the natural edge of the ear.

The final result will look something like this:

The tape should stay on until it comes off naturally. This can be a few days or as long as a month. Once the tape comes off, watch the ears, and should they begin to crease the wrong way or hang away from the cheek, it's time to tape again.


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